Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Be Bold and Be TEAL

It was on a brisk May morning that a record-breaking Team Chasen A Cure took to streets around Cellular Field for the 2014 NOCC Walk to Break the Silence.  Record-breaking it was, with the largest number of team members raising the greatest number of donations and trekking on the longest distance. But coming to the corner of 35th Street did not mean the end to promoting ovarian cancer awareness. 
2014 Team Chasen A Cure

Awareness opportunities come in as many styles as you can imagine. Craft shows, golf outings, farmers’ markets, lectures, health fairs for kids and seniors – any chance to meet and talk to people – women and men – young and old – is an occasion to spread the word. Be bold and be seen in all your teal. The chance to plant the seed of familiarity to the right person who will remember the symptoms, to give someone the courage to ask the right question, “Could it be my ovaries?”

There is plenty of fear out there and folks who prefer the view of the inside of the beach.
 But the question “Is a Pap smear a test for ovarian cancer?” is enough to turn heads and get people to thinking. You don’t know what you don’t know until you know it. Until your knowledge base is challenged and your assumptions are knocked down. Be in the know.

Yes, it’s mid-September and therefore midway through Ovarian Cancer Awareness month.  Has your world been turned teal yet??? It is uplifting to check out the newsfeeds and watch ovarian cancer awareness spread across the country from ribbons on trees and teal colored waters in the fountain to Teal Toes on the firefighters! There is still plenty of time in the month to run towards the finish line.

The calendar page will turn as well as the leaves to their autumn splendor of orange, red and gold – and oh, yes, pink. But there will not be any slow down in the events. There will be nights to Empower Women and a chance to strike up a one-on-one conversation around the teal ribbon on your coat. For our sisters, their battle is fought every day.  Be bold and be teal, every month of the year.

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