Thursday, March 6, 2014

Seasons of Life

If you can stand to look out of the window, the fresh morning’s walk in May and the teal days of September will seem like a lifetime ago.  The months have been packed with many chances to spread the word of ovarian cancer symptom awareness and Mother Nature has not stopped Team Chasen A Cure.

Health Fairs: The fall began with community sponsored health fairs giving neighbors the opportunity to be proactive and protect their good health through the winter. These fairs are a wonderful chance to introduce NOCC and the topic of ovarian cancer, particularly to older women who, although at the age of greatest risk of diagnosis, have put the importance of their gynecological health behind them. 

Women’s Events: Expos such as the Women’s Empowerment Workshop and Suburban Women’s Total Health and Beauty Event focus on valuable issues from well-being and personal fulfillment to safety. Attendees are relaxed, open to learning about ovarian cancer and eager to share personal stories.

Corporate Events: Companies that promote healthy lifestyles for their employees, including American Airlines, CTA and Midmark have opened their conference rooms, lunchrooms and hallways to NOCC speakers. The chance to speak to both men and women, make them aware of the important of symptom awareness for early diagnosis and provide an opportunity to support NOCC’s mission to care for survivors and their families, gives credence to the value of a healthy culture. Ask for the chance to be heard, and doors will be opened.

Every Day Spaces: With teal toes stuffed in multiple pairs of socks and shoved into boots, wear your teal on your lapel and open up the discussion. Teal ribbons can start a conversation of “Why Teal?” especially following “pink-tober”.  With a supply of NOCC Symptom Awareness cards available to hand out, your circle of influence will increase with each encounter.

Winter passes and one remembers one’s perseverance: The dates on the calendar continue to fill with occasions to reach out and inform. There are upcoming events at schools, churches, craft expos, career fairs and even hockey games.

2013 Team Chasen A Cure
The culmination for spring is the 17th NOCC Walk/Run on May 3rd. Now is the time to build teams, to show support for the survivors, and join together as one loud teal crowd to Break the Silence. The NOCC Walk/Run has grown every year in participants and sponsorships. Come join Team Chasen A Cure as we persevere to set new records in 2014.

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