Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Larry Ward from Stevensville, MI, long-term manufacturing engineerer, husband and falther of grown children, found a new passion - mountain climbing. Not Midwestern sized mountains but the ones in the big leagues, like Mt. Ranier. Larry and his sons trained, prepared and accomplished their goal - and Larry was hooked.  

Next Larry had to achieve new heights and in 2013, he prepared to climb the 20.320 feet of Mt. Denali. In the meantime, while Larry was training, six of this close friends were affected by cancer. So the climb to Mt. Denali become a mission for Larry - to honor his friends and raise funds to fight cancer. Larry is still climbing and will keep climbing in each of the 50 states. At the summitt, Larry will keep shouting the names of those affected by cancer - now over 100 names at Gannett Peak in Wyoming. After all the struggles and pain, you make it to the top of your mountain.

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