Monday, September 16, 2013

The Power of 1000 Balloons

September 14th could not have been a more picture perfect day for the 2013 OCSA Annual Walk for the Goose. Ovarian Cancer Symptom Awareness’ Veterinary Outreach Program (VOP) drew pet lovers with 4-legged friends to join together on the 3 mile walk on the Great Western Trail.
Yummy Treats and a Celebratory Teal Bone from Wiggle Waggles
Staff from Elmhurst Animal Hospital

Dr. Cindy Charlier of Fox Valley Veterinary Dentistry performed complimentary dental exams

There was fun to be shared with sponsor tents, a raffle and complimentary pet dental exams. This was also a poignant occasion for many, including the family and friends of late Susan Roman, a co-founder of OCSA.

At ISVMA convention in November of 2012, Dr. Julian Schink began the kick off of VOP by asking the audience for a show of hands of those whose lives had been touched by ovarian cancer. The number who raised their hands startled Dr. Kurt Klepitsch of Gateway Veterinary Hospital of St. Charles, IL. He had no personal connection and related ovarian cancer only with Gilda Radner. It was not long before, Dr. Klepitsch had to include himself in that select group as his young niece Katelyn was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Last month, Kate lost her battle with ovarian cancer at age 20. Dr. Klepitsch spoke of his daughter’s dream before the balloon release at her cousin Kate’s funeral service – a dream of one balloon left afloat busting open releasing 1000 new balloons. Each opportunity to spread the signs of ovarian cancer is a chance to be one of those thousand balloons, filling the sky with TEAL for those you love, and for Susan and Kate.

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