Friday, September 6, 2013

Friday Night Teal Lights

Friday nights in the fall mean high school football. Two Toledo-area high school teams, the Woodmore Wildcats and Port Clinton Redskins, kicked off the season opener last Friday night sporting teal socks as part of Ovarian Cancer Awareness Night in memory of Carole Schultz and Norma Brossia. Organized by their families, the night was a tribute to the women, who had been supportive to their grandchildren on the field and in the band, as well as an opportunity to educate the community and raise funds for the Ovarian Cancer Connection of Northwest Ohio.

Carole Schultz's diagnosis was at stage 4 with metastasis on her lung and colon. Ovarian cancer would have been off her radar, as Schultz had her ovaries removed at age 29. Shed ovarian cells migrate to the peritoneum, where they remain. An oophorectomy can dramatically reduce but not completely negate the risk of ovarian cancer in those remaining cells.

Ovarian cancer affects not only women, but also the families that love them. The efforts of Donna Sandwisch, Holly Berry and Gerri and Mike Brossia demonstrate that we can educate in our own sphere of influence, and that the message will carry beyond our corner of the map.

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