Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Turn The Page

September was filled with fabulous awareness activities - from the beautiful teal lights, waters flowing teal, fun walks with furry friends and wellness lunches to share symptom awareness. As we turn the page to a new month, ovarian cancer symptom awareness events don’t have to come to an end. 

The turning of teal to pink is marked by Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer week.  The result of the efforts of FORCE, the goal of HBOC week is to raise awareness about hereditary cancer. Knowing your family history is vital to understanding your level of risk. Removing the stigma of cancer diagnosis and open discussion of family history – among both men and women – be it ovarian, breast, colon or prostate cancer – is essential for empowering your health.

There are small steps in our circle of influence that help promote ovarian cancer awareness. Consider adding the NOCC Cancer Quiz to your email signature or Facebook page. Although sandal season may be coming to a close, have a supply of Teal Toes cards available to leave with your tip at your next manicure or latte. Keep those hooks and needles moving for Teal Hat Project and share your good wishes with a survivor.

Always ready to take the opportunity to educate, Team Chasen A Cure will be at the Arlington Heights Memorial Library Chamber Health Fair on Saturday, October 5th. Continually speaking on symptoms, self-awareness and health advocacy is an effort to make TEAL as recognizable as pink. Don't let the turn of the calendar page keep you from supporting ovarian cancer warriors in their daily fight

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