Sunday, April 22, 2012

Cancer Warrior - Dr. Ernst Lengyl

The goal for more survivors, targeted therapy treatments and teamwork in research is the goal of the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund. At the 2011 Survive and Thrive course at the Feinburg School of Medicine, one of the speakers was Dr. Ernst Lengyl of the University of Chicago. Dr. Lengyl, a gynecological oncologist and cell biologist, is a 2004 and 2005 Liz Tiberis award winner and a 2012 OCRF Program Project Development Grant Recipient. Dr Lengyl's team will be focusing on microRNA's in normal healthy cells being re-programmed by tumor cells.

I think I can speak for several in the lecture hall that day at Feinburg when I say that we were not all able to grasp the high level of science that Dr. Lengyl presented to us. Still knowing that right here at The Lengyl lab at U of C, Dr. Lengyl and his team have a goal - to improve survival and to meet the challenges that make ovarian cancer the most deadly gynecological cancer, and to beat it.

I feel privileged to have heard Dr. Lengyl and hope that very soon Dr. Lengyl's name will be linked with the CURE for ovarian cancer. There are times when ribbons just don't seem like enough. When you want to do more, consider donating to OCRF.

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