Friday, April 27, 2012

Break The Silence

It's been a big week for Team Chasen A Cure and the NOCC Walk to Break the Silence. The donations are over $200,000 and there is still a week to go. Thanks to friends, family and neighbors who contributed this week. Your support is amazing and we will be thinking of all of you every step of the way.
Melanie and Cheryl did a wonderful job of spreading the word and educating women at the It's Everything for Women event this past Thursday night. Thanks to NOCC Illinois for their contribution of bracelets, handouts and symptom cards. The ladies' experiences with visitors to their table showed that there is much work ahead of us. The misconceptions about Ovarian Cancer are rampant; another reason why it has received the tag like "the cancer the whispers". Perhaps it is as simply as the old real estate adage - "location, location, location." With your gynecological organs hidden from view and silenced with aging; too many women think that they are safely protected by the perhaps at best annual Pap smear. The cause marches on to Break the Silence.

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