Monday, June 3, 2013

I Wish I Would Have Known

"The most beautiful woman in the world."
"Fun, such good fun."
"Tired, so tired.""I wish I had known."
 These are the words of a man who loves a woman with ovarian cancer. Because once ovarian cancer touches the life of someone you love, you are forever looking back. Looking back at the silent symptoms and wishing you would have known. There was something wrong, that much was clear. But the symptoms were similar to growing older and the busyness of a life of someone who gives so much to others. I wish I had known. Had encouraged her to seek help, to keep asking questions, to find a doctor who would listen.
This is why Team Chasen A Cure is continually motivated to spread the word about ovarian cancer. Why we walk and wear teal. Why we tell everyone who will listen. Even if thinking about your body "down there" makes you uncomfortable, we want you to listen - listen to your body. Symptom awareness is a topic for everyone - men and women.  The encouragement to listen to the whisper of the symptoms and to take control of your health may come from a husband, a sister, daughter or a friend. There should be no one left without a mom, a sister, without the love of their life, left saying I wish I would have known.

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