Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Woman to Woman

I appreciate those who approached me at the Healthy Woman Through the Ages event to thank me for spreading the word. A show of hands at the beginning of my presentation highlighted how many lives Ovarian Cancer had touched. One in 72 looks a lot different when you are looking into the eyes of someone you know and love. In their eyes, I saw the understanding of the horrific of path an ovarian cancer diagnosis. And I saw the hope and strength that their friendship means to the survivors.

Perhaps it comes from our ancestral memories, like our time together in the Red Tent, this natural empathy. As women, we will reach out to help each other even if we are strangers- to comfort a worried brow in a waiting room, to reach out with a struggling mother, to offer a compliment to brighten her day.

Perhaps that is why we tell this story – woman to woman. Because those who spoke to me at the fair knew. I hope there was one woman who heard for the first time that night and will share what she learned. Who will listen to her body with confidence. Because woman to woman, we will break the silence.
Villager Women by Katana Kaido katanakaido.deviantart.com

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