Sunday, April 28, 2013

A Personal Affair

We are within a week of the NOCC Walk to Break the Silence. Stacey Baca of ABC 7 News will once again host the event along with her sister, ten year ovarian cancer survivor, Lynn Baca. Stacey's interview with ovarian cancer survivors, Rachel Hoyt and Liz Cory, reinforces that it is essential to  know your body, reach out for medical attention early, and seek out a gynecological oncologist if needed.

With new sponsors, and live music, the day is billed as a family event.  Cancer can come across to some as a topic to avoided under the cloak of fear and death. The NOCC Walk is a celebratory time of hope and promises for a bright future, as we encourage and honor survivors. We are grateful to every Team Chasen A Cure sponsor, for they are not just making a donation to a organization, but directly supporting us as we spread the symptom awareness message. NOCC symptom awareness reminder cards were available at the It's Everything for Women event in Edwardsville, IL on April 25th. Melanie and Cheryl were able to openly and personally share information and answer questions, helping women comfortably discuss their health. Ovarian cancer does not define Melanie as a person. She passes out Teal Toes cards, hangs posters at local businesses, participates in events, while demonstrating that being a survivor is about being fearless and living every day.

Photo credit: Cheryl Hartson Johnson

There will be teams next week who will be walking in memory of a mom, grandma or sister, carrying a banner with photos of happy times. In the faces of the team, you can recognize the same shape of the face or the crooked smile. Little ones, who will walk or be pushed in strollers, may have no memories of those lost less for the stories and memories shared. There are poignant moments in the ABC 7 video of photos of Lynn and Rachel; surrounded by family and friends, in happy times and supporting them during their struggles.  This is a personal affair for us all. 
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