Sunday, January 20, 2013

New Year, New Hope

The New Year means a fresh start and new plans for Ovarian Cancer awareness events.

Some of the best news comes from Johns Hopkins University and the publication of test results of a newly developed PapGene test which could detect three gynecological cancers - cervical ovarian and endometrial cancers. By classifying gene mutations, samples were able to identify a fraction 9 of the 22 patients with Ovarian Cancer– a 41% accuracy rating of the ovarian cancer mutations. The PapGene test is the first step, as research will continue to work to making the test more sensitive to Ovarian Cancer gene mutations. Although improvements need to be made before applying this test in a routine clinical manner, it represents a promising step toward a broadly applicable screening methodology for the early detection of gynecologic malignancies.

A definite screening test for ovarian cancer could make a huge difference in early stage detection, earlier, gene-specific treatment protocol and ultimately more survivors. Wonderful news of hope for all in the Teal Tribe.

The calendar is filling with new events for promoting Ovarian Cancer awareness in 2013. March 21st, Chasen A Cure for Ovarian Cancer will be a presenter at a women’s heath event at the Arlington Heights Memorial Library. We are pleased to continue to have the opportunity to spread awareness in the local community, dispel myths and share Ovarian Cancer resources. Details to follow.

Already looking forward to this years NOCC walk in early May, Team Chasen A Cure will be decked out in team sweatshirts. Watch the NOCC Illinois Facebook page for breaking details.
Team Chasen A Cure Patriarch ready for the NOCC Walk to Break the Silence.

There will be more events throughout the year - from the Health Fair to the Families ROC Walk. Every day in the year is a chance to reach out to spread the word and look for new opportunities. We are on a road we did not choose. But we are on it for a reason, and the strength will be given to keep moving forward.

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