Monday, March 12, 2012

Hereditary Ovarian Cancer - Empower Yourself

Reading through posts and comments on Ovations for the Cure leads me to the topic of Hereditary Ovarian Cancer. Ten percent of ovarian cancer cases are considered the result of inherited genes or a hereditary cancer. For families with the gene alteration, the lifetime risk of developing ovarian cancer increases to 60%. These odds should send every women who has a family member with ovarian cancer to arm herself with the facts. This is mission of FORCE - supporting awareness and advocacy specific to hereditary breast and ovarian cancer. Along with breast and ovarian cancer links, there is HNPCC or Lynch syndrome which effects both men and women as an inherited risk of colon, endometrium and ovarian cancers. I have heard women at seminars on ovarian cancer ask the questions - afraid to connect the dots - "what about my grandmother's stomach problems no one wanted to talk about?" - "I don't want to frighten my granddaughters." Go to your primary care physician and gynecologist armed with the facts and refused to be dismissed by the odds. Don't play the percentage game. Empower yourself - we need survivors.

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